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When creating a dress that embodies the VAYRE woman, we wanted to design a timeless silhouette that felt minimal, effortless and also could be adapted to the moment at hand, either worn loose and casual or cinched and formal. We looked to modern shapes and construction. We arrived at AMY. An easy half wrap dress, modified kimono sleeves, and a relaxed sweep. A Sash belt slips through a wide belt loop at center back, creating unexpected gathers that drape down into an ample sweep that moves beautifully. We wanted to choose a fabrication that would feel season-less, yet still have the weight that would move with the wearer. We landed on a 100% TENCEL™ made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus. TENCEL™...

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We value a reduction in the consumption of new virgin resources, and to that end, we often use recycled fibers in our collection.   Using recycled materials reduces dependence on petroleum as a source of raw goods, while also curbing discards and reducing toxic emissions from waste processing. The decision to use recycled materials must be made early in the design development phase.  By consciously designing into recycled fibers and textiles, we repurpose what would otherwise go to waste and give it a beautiful new life, contributing to the global movement towards a circular economy. Our IRIS sweater is made with organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled nylon, CALLA caftan is 44% recycled polyester, and for our ultra fine knit tops we’ve sourced...

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Who Is She

The VAYRE woman embodies the soul of the New Feminine that is emerging NOW. She is elegant, urban, educated-- she is a world traveler. In her dynamic lifestyle, she transitions easily from casual to sophisticated energies. Simultaneously civilized and wild, she emanates a vibration of quiet lissomeness and grace. She doesn’t let her emotions rule her, not in ways that get her into trouble. She tends to be more measured in the way she resonds to things. She has a very deep desire to be Free.

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