Our designs are a subtle, sophisticated blend of minimalism, tailoring, and ease. Maintaining this delicate harmony sometimes results in conceptually complicated designs. In these cases, our process includes draping some of our more unusual or complex ideas in house at our Manhattan studio. Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is architecture”, and when we create our muslins we do feel like we are “building” or otherwise sculpting in the round ala Madame Vionnet. Fabric is not simply a two dimensional surface covering. It has weight, body, sponginess, sheen, drape, starch, stretch, texture— as many properties as exist in any raw natural material— all of which is taken into account in the details of measurement, balance, performance. We love the challenge of being as creative as possible within constraints— it is a true cocreation. In the end, we find a muslin to be a kind of artwork in and of itself.